UCCCB Celebrates International Microorganism Day 2023 with ‘Speed Dating with Microorganisms’ Event

On 17th September 1683, a pivotal moment in the history of science occurred when Anton van Leeuwenhoek penned a remarkable letter to the esteemed Royal Society of London. In this groundbreaking communication, he unveiled humanity’s inaugural glimpse into the realm of microorganisms. Since that day, we have known about the ubiquity and abundance of microorganisms in humans and everything around us. Today, we are certain that these tiny organisms are indispensable tools for solving the foremost challenges confronting our society. Therefore, to mark the 7th edition of International Microorganism Day, celebrated on 17th September 2023, UCCCB – University of Coimbra Bacteria Culture Collection joined the captivating ‘Speed Dating with Microorganisms’ event held at UC Exploratório – Ciência Viva Coimbra from 15th to 17th September.

At this extraordinary event, individuals of all ages had the unique opportunity to engage in a ‘speed dating’ experience with UCCCB’s team of microbiologists. Attendees marvelled at the microscopic world as they observed microorganisms both under the lenses of microscopes and on Petri dishes. Educational games, enlightening discussions on the latest strides in microbiological science and technology, and more rounded out the enriching experience.

Moreover, on 17th  September 2023, UCCCB also extended its reach by taking part in the live-stream event for the YouTube channel of the Portuguese Society of Microbiology, broadcasting the captivating event ‘Speed Dating with Microorganisms’ to the whole world. Simultaneously, the online exhibition ‘Pet Microorganisms’ was also promoted. This digital exhibition showcase features striking photographs of microorganisms on Petri dishes, accompanied by insightful testimonies from dedicated researchers. Explore the ‘Pet Microorganisms’ online exhibition at your convenience by following this link: https://exploratorio.wixsite.com/microrganismos