UCCCB’s mission is to identify, preserve, characterize and distribute reference bacterial strains and genetic resources while providing customer-oriented services. In this way, the UCCCB will increase the understanding of microorganisms and their diversity in order to foster the application of biological resources in solving problems.

UCCCB supports scientific advancements in academic, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food, agricultural, and industrial segments worldwide with industry-standard products, services, and innovative solutions. Its services and custom solutions include cell and microbial culturing and authentication, development and production of controls and derivatives, proficiency testing, and biomaterial deposit services.

Through the publication of the culture catalogue, the existence of the website and the provision of services and training, UCCCB will contribute to safeguarding the Portuguese biological heritage and the implementation of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, at the same time provide high-quality services contributing to advances in science and industry.