UCCCB took part in BIO’n’TEQ: Technological Exhibition of Biotechnology 2023

The University of Coimbra Bacteria Culture Collection (UCCCB) was present at BIO’n’TEQ – Technological Exhibition of Biotechnology – which took place on 1 February 2023 at Biocant. BIO’n’TEQ is an initiative of the INOVC+ programme, organized by Biocant and AEMITEQ, which aims to bring the biotechnology industry and academia closer.

Microbiology is a fundamental pillar of biotechnology, playing a crucial role in all its areas, such as the environment, agriculture, health, food, industry, energy, etc. Therefore, the UCCCB is positioned as the natural partner for all biotechnology companies and researchers. You can count on the UCCCB to deposit and supply strains and provide microbiology services designed according to your needs.